What is Engaging Pittsburgh?

What is Engaging Pittsburgh: It’s All About the People?

In recent years, Pittsburgh has experienced nothing short of a technological and cultural revolution. As our city grows and evolves in so many crucial areas, we at the Engaging Pittsburgh: It’s All About the People campaign wish to turn the attention of this city’s employers onto its most important and unique element: It’s People, and the environment in which they work.

So why don’t we tell you a bit about ourselves?  We are a local campaign engineered by a group of HR professionals and the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association that is dedicated to advocating the importance and benefits of employee engagement for both businesses and their workers within the Greater Pittsburgh Area. We wish to foster and maintain “engaging” discussions about employee-centric policies and systems among HR professionals from across the city. As a result, our campaign also wishes to make as many informational resources available as possible to HR professionals and company leaders in order to foster said discussions. And finally, we are working to create a system that formally recognizes employers that have demonstrated advancement and achievement in the field of employee engagement.

So how can our campaign page help you? Let’s start with information. We’re looking to spread the word about employee engagement across Pittsburgh. For some leaders, engagement may be an obvious strategy for any organization to pursue. And for those folks, congratulations! You’re well on your way to building a competitive edge for your company. So why not stay up-to-date on the latest policies and issues in engagement by visiting our Engagement in the News section?

And yet for other professionals, employee engagement might sound like a beneficial, but ultimately a less important, or even unnecessary, component in an organization’s success. For those leaders, we’d like to share some information as to why engaged employees are often the defining element in an organization’s triumph over competitors. Take a look at our scholarly page, where we post some of the latest and ground-breaking studies on engagement.

Or perhaps you’d like to see the way local employees and leaders have been impacted by engagement policies in our testimonials section? Here, we post real stories from seasoned leaders in Pittsburgh’s business sector who have seen the results of employee-centric policies in their own organizations. So if reading articles and academic research on the subject is too old hat for you, why not check out What the Professionals are Saying?

At the heart of this campaign, is our intense dedication to recognizing the advances and accomplishments of Pittsburgh-based businesses in the field of employee engagement. Showcased through our annual awards event (formerly the People Do Matter Awards) this year April 16, 2015. April, we host a ceremony where winners in a variety of categories will be recognized(you can view the categories here). The first, second, and third place winners will deliver a five minute speech at the ceremony on the role of engagement in their company and why it was a success. Consider nominating either your own organization or another that has successfully implemented an employee engagement program. You can check out our registration forms  here and here. If you are interested in sponsoring this year’s campaign, check out our sponsorship options here.

Engaging Pittsburgh’s primary goal is to motivate Pittsburgh-based companies to consider employee-centered work practices. Engaged employees feel valued, work harder and go above and beyond their normal job duties. Engaged employees are more engaged in their personal lives leading to greater relationships outside of work, more volunteerism and charitable giving.

Creating an improved work environment is great for employees, the companies in which they work and society at large. Our efforts are intended to build a great Pittsburgh region – one that thrives professionally and personally.


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